Dear i5 …

Dear iPhone5,

You were so small when I first met you. And even though my flip phone (Flippy) was even smaller, I thought, “how can I ever replace Flippy, with this tiny little i5.” I didn’t need all that fancy internet stuff. And Flippy did texting just fine. But, time moves on and, I’m a little embarrassed, but the teasing from my friends (huh?) and family won over. And so Flippy took it’s place in a little baggy with the cord and a label that said, “Jessica’s, then mom’s, then dads – Still works well.”  I still miss Flippy.

I guess over time I got use to i5  (such a cold name). But, the new freedom of Pintrest, and maps, and note taking, and OMG messaging everyone at once – wow – won me over.  So i5 became my new companion.  We were getting along so well and your small size was, well, just right after all. And I even spent money on a new cover for you. I never even did that for Flippy.  But our time was so short lived. We’ve hardily gotten to know each other and along comes the newer, fancier big brother i6-S+.  It was such a generous gift, Daniel, but I just didn’t think my heart could ever move on. First Flippy, now i5. How could I dump another phone…. for what? Something better? How shallow and self-centered of me.

So here I am now, i6-s+ is all activated – with it’s larger screen and sooooo much more memory, better camera, and faster processor. I’m sure it’ll take a while before I’m able to accept my new phone friend. Maybe, when my feelings settle I’ll be able to go get a new cover for this one too……..  Probably by tomorrow (everything is closed tonight).

Eulogy to a friend.